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Do you have to pay for domain names?
To own a domain name involves registering the name of your choice with an organization called ICANN through domaincot, a domain name registrar. For example, if you choose a name like “mysite.com”, you will have to go through a registrar like domaincot.com, to pay a registration fee that costs around US$10 to US$18 for that name.
Are Domain Names Intellectual Property?

It’s not a judicially clear or consistent view that domain name is or not an intellectual property but the United States appellate authority suggests that a domain name is a form of intangible intellectual property.

Who assigns domain names?

The internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) are charged with overseeing the name and number system of the internet but the right to use a domain name is manage by accredited domain name registrars like www.domaincot.com accredited by ICANN

How do I protect my domain name?
  • Use a reputable registrar like www.domaincot.com
  • Register your domain name for the longest period possible
  • Use strong password to protect your account
Are domain names protected by copyright?

Domain names are not protected by copyrights but trademark law does protect web addresses or domain names. Companies often go after individual infrigement of trademark than copyrights.

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