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Look no further, Domaincot offers the best-managed WordPress hosting out there!

Our WordPress website hosting service is ready to give you everything you need to set up, manage and launch a quality WordPress website now. We’re well-known for competitively priced WordPress hosting and we provide optimized, high-end functionality with 24/7 customer service and utterly unbeatable 99.99% uptime.

Our excellent WordPress Hosting service also supports a range of plug-ins and page designs which enable you to build a unique and professional-looking website without a lot of experience. You can use third-party integrations and WordPress themes from anywhere, including free themes. Customers can also develop their own custom themes to use too.

Make and publish the WordPress website of your dreams with Domaincot’s range of hosting packages.

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WordPress Basic

As low as

$8.99 $8.10

per month

Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

For basic sites, blogs and startups.

1 website

10GB SSD storage

25,000 monthly visitors


WordPress Deluxe

As low as

$11.99 $10.80

per month

Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

For small businesses and bloggers with moderate traffic.

1 website

15GB SSD storage

100,000 monthly visitors

One-click staging site


Search engine optimization plugin

WordPress Ultimate

As low as

$16.99 $15.30

per month

Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

The Complete Package (Best value for your money).

2 websites

30GB SSD storage

400,000 monthly visitors

One-click staging site


Search engine optimization plugin


WordPress Developer

As low as

$24.99 $22.50

per month

Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

For large businesses and blogs with high traffic(recommended plan).

1 website

15GB SSD storage

800,000 monthly visitors

One-click staging site


WordPress Pro

$69.99 $63.00

per month

Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

Ideal for multiple websites packed with pro features.

25 websites

250GB storage

5,000,000 monthly visitors


One-click staging


The Fastest WordPress Hosting Out There

There are a lot of other WordPress hosts out there so we’re determined to be the best. We don’t just meet the minimum requirements for WordPress hosting. We exceed our customer’s requirements every step of the way. 

You can choose Domaincot WordPress hosting, safe in the knowledge your web hosting will be secure and managed all day, and all night, no matter where in the world you’re based.

Our hosting uses powerfully-built servers and up-to-date technology to ensure fast loading websites and high-capacity data storage. Need more bandwidth? Want to upgrade your plan? You’ve got it! Here at Domaincot, you can scale our packages to suit you.

If you want to build your website on a budget, we can offer you fast performance and a package that both matches your financial requirements and offers top-quality WordPress hosting functionality.

Domaincot is Different

WordPress web hosting companies are available all over the internet, but we’re different!

We can help you every step of the way. We’re ready to guide you through the process of setting up your WordPress website right now.

At Domaincot, we don’t let our servers get old and comparably slow, like some of our competitors. 

Instead, we constantly upgrade our systems to stay on the cutting-edge. If you want to host high-quality video content on your website or offer complicated, high-data downloads for your target audience, we can help you choose the package and functionality that’s right for you.

Sign Up For WordPress Hosting From Domaincot Now 

When you choose WordPress hosting from Domaincot, we will automatically install WordPress to your new account. 

We’ve been recommended by some of the best WordPress web designers in the industry because we make account management so seamless.

Our two key priorities, to stay ahead of the competition, are quality and cost. We continually improve all our packages to keep them attractive and up-to-date. You don’t need to feel nervous about always having the latest version of WordPress, because we ensure your WordPress core updates are all installed automatically. 

Domaincot is also integrated with cPanel so you can instantly begin customizing your website. If you need help designing your website or guidance on which would be the best plugin to install, you can get in touch right away. We’ll be happy to help you make progress and make your WordPress website perfect for you.

We love WordPress and we know how to make the most of it. Do you? If not, we’re here 24/7 to answer your questions.

Our Pricing is Competitive

We know we’re in a competitive situation, with almost every hosting company on the internet keen to offer WordPress as a CMS. So, our prices and packages match our customer’s needs both in terms of quality and also in terms of budget.

Here at Domaincot, our prices range from $8.10 (which is normally $8.99, but currently on sale) to $63.00 (which is normally $69.99, but also on sale right now).

Need a quick, professional website for a small business or hobby? The basic WordPress hosting package includes one website, 10GB of SSD storage, bandwidth for up to 25,000 monthly visitors, SFTP, and more…

Running a big company with more website traffic? Our WordPress Pro package includes powerful data management which is ideal for multiple websites packed with pro features. Up to 25 websites, 250GB storage, bandwidth for 5,000,000 monthly visitors, SSH/SFTP access and one-click staging!

100% Guaranteed Quality WordPress Webhosting

We’re so proud of the services here at Domaincot that we offer all our customers a 100% guarantee.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee leaves no doubt that we want our customers to be happy.  We’ll provide any unsatisfied customers with an exchange or refund. 

Plus, our 24/7 support team is with you every step of the way to give you help and advice any time, day or night.

Customers who want to transfer a domain to us can rest assured the process will go smoothly because we’re extremely experienced. That’s why the word ‘domain’ is in our name! We even offer Transfer Concierge, which means the process can take a little as just a few minutes. A dedicated support advisor will manually make the transfer for you.

Still not sure? We also offer a no-risk trial. So, you can try our services for up to 45 days and if you’re not completely happy, you can cancel within those 45 days for a complete refund.

Sign Up Now, Don’t Miss Out On Our Sale Prices

Sign up now and take advantage of reduced prices for all of our WordPress hosting packages. These prices are only available for a limited time!

Worried that you’ll build a beautiful, dynamic, fast-loading website but still have trouble getting enough visitors? 

We can help. Domaincot also offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and advice so you can start building an online reputation from day one.

Reliable Website Hosting You Can Trust

#1 in Transfers

Need a domain transfer? Domaincot expert can help you transfer your exiting domain name in just a few minutes with our Transfer Concierge

#1 Support Team

Our support team provides all the answers you need 24/7. Explore our helpful community to self-solve any of your problems or call our help line.

#1 Industry Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee leaves no doubt that we want our customers to be happy and another chance to save the sale by offering an exchange or refund

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