Over 3 million websites around the world use cPanel hosting management software.

It ranks as the eighth most popular content management system in the top one million sites. And its usage amongst hosting companies continues to grow with the US leading the way.

This article explains what cPanel hosting is, what it does, and how it can help manage your online presence.

Discover how to host multiple domain names and email accounts. Learn how to install WordPress in just a few steps. See how the cPanel dashboard makes it easy to perform complex operations.

Read on to learn everything about the cPanel hosting service and why you should choose a web hosting company that adopts it. 

What Is cPanel Hosting?

A web hosting company uses cPanel software to automate complicated tasks. For example, create a new website with email accounts, a domain name, and a database with a few clicks.

Web hosting service customers benefit from the software too. They can fully manage their own online site without having to contact the host. This keeps pricing low and offers quick access to a range of tasks.

History of cPanel

cPanel launched over twenty years ago in 1997. The goal was to remove the usual barriers to creating and maintaining websites for the host and their clients.

The software has evolved to include powerful features like one-click installs. Licencing costs are kept minimal and those savings get passed on.

cPanel Features

The easy-to-use interface enables cPanel hosting services to manage their sites through a range of features.

  • Website publishing – online wizard which includes pre-built website templates
  • Emails and calendars – launch and edit email accounts and host virtual calendars
  • Secure backup – automatically backup database and web files
  • Manage domains – add aliases and subdomains and edit DNS zones

These options appear as icons on the screen. The point-and-click interface means anyone with limited knowledge of hosting can make adjustments.

The system also includes information about your hosting account.

You can renew your subscription, change your account password, and view your resource usage. Everything’s recorded so you can see an accurate snapshot of your site’s performance.

cPanel Dashboard

The dashboard provides a gateway into the cPanel hosting service.

The side panel lists general information about the current domain. Facts include the hosting IP address, home directory path, and account usage limits. With a quick glance, you can see how many email accounts you have remaining.

The remainder of the screen is dedicated to the main icons.

Each division holds related features so it’s easy to find the tool that you need. There’s also a search facility to filter features by name.

Top 5 cPanel Hosting Services

cPanel offers dozens of powerful services. We’ve selected five of the best and outlined them below.

1. Simple WordPress Installs

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world and it powers 39% of all websites.

The software works as a blogging tool or a full website solution. Google loves WordPress sites as SEO sits at the software’s core. And business owners can sell online through the free WooCommerce plugin.

Creating a WordPress site normally requires hours of work. You manually need to upload files and configure databases. cPanel dispenses with all of that with its WordPress install feature.

Simply click on the WordPress icon, enter the title of your site, and choose a pre-defined theme. cPanel will build the backend for you and you can log in to the WordPress admin area to add content.

cPanel also includes a WordPress toolkit that helps maintain and secure your new site.

2. Manage Multiple Domains

Some web hosting services make it difficult to manage multiple domain names. They charge extra fees for creating subdomains and take days to process the request.

A cPanel hosting company puts the power over domain names into the hands of its customers.

Business owners can register a domain name and manage records like nameservers and zones by themselves. They can point multiple domain names to one site and configure them to ensure they’re search engine optimized.

3. Host Emails and Forwarders

Email usage is still popular in 2021. A recent survey found that 66% of business owners believe that email marketing is essential to promoting their brand.

cPanel offers a complete solution to creating, managing, and viewing emails and user accounts. Features include:

  • Email accounts, forwarders, and routing
  • Autoresponders and filters
  • Spam control and mailing lists
  • Linked calendar and contacts

The webmail app is an ideal business email tool to access messages from any device. It works in a browser or you can view emails from your phone through IMAP or POP3.

4. File Manager

Although cPanel offers FTP and SSH file uploads, the built-in file manager lets you manage content using a browser.

It offers full file and folder access including directory privacy and log retrieval. You can view your remaining disk usage at any time. cPanel even warns you when you’re close to running out of space.

Developers can avail of the GitHub interface to manage their codebases directly from cPanel.

5. phpMyAdmin MySQL Database

MySQL is an open-source database system designed for speed and scale. WordPress uses this application to store and retrieve content so it needs to work at lightning pace.

cPanel lets you manage your MySQL databases through the popular phpMyAdmin app.

Log in using your browser then create tables and insert data as you please. You can also import and export content as well as rename and drop tables.

Domaincot Professional cPanel Hosting Company

There’s a reason why the top website hosts use cPanel hosting to manage their client’s online requirements.

The platform is simple to understand and use. Helpful icons and step-by-step wizards remove the complexity of difficult tasks. Business owners can create a WordPress site within minutes along with email accounts.

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