You only have 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for your website to make an excellent first impression!

On the Internet, you will find many shocking statistics like this that show how important your website and web design are to the success of your business. 

The process of making a website can seem daunting and expensive. But that is the furthest from the truth. There are a lot of cost-effective options available. 

In this article, you will learn all about what Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel is. So keep reading to see if this web hosting plan is a good fit for your business!

What Is Economy Linux Hosting With cPanel?

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel is a popular website hosting plan found on the Domaincot website. Other hosting companies have similar plans, but Domaincot’s is by far the most prominent.

Let’s break down Economy Linux Hosting and cPanel to understand the benefits and drawbacks of this web hosting option.

Economy Linux Hosting

The Linux OS is the most popular web hosting platform used. It is an open-source operating system. This means the codes can be used, modified, and redistributed commercially and non-commercially. 

Because of this, the platform is freer to use than Windows hosting. 

Economy Linux Hosting is a shared hosting plan. It is great for beginners and those who are new to having a website.

It is for a single website only. As a result, it is cheaper than most other web hosting platforms. 


cPanel is a web-based application that allows you to manage all the aspects of your website. cPanel stands for control panel. cPanel is Linux-based. It is the most popular web hosting control panel.

Naturally, Linux and cPanel go hand in hand. 

cPanel uses a graphical interface (GUI). This allows users to manage their web hosting accounts with maximum efficiency. In addition, you can control multiple domains using cPanel.

cPanel is user-friendly, and no previous technical knowledge is required. As a result, it is standard to use cPanel web hosting no matter what web hosting plan you choose to use. 

The Benefits 

The economy plan offers a free domain for the first year. After that, however, you need to renew the plan and starting paying for the domain.

The domain extension is also limited. You can choose from some of the most common extensions. If you’re looking for something else, it may not be available.

The Economy Linux Hosting plan comes with 100 GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth, which helps manage traffic to the website. This is a generous amount of storage for a hosting provider. 

This web hosting plan also comes with a free business email account. Again, after the first year, you need to start paying for the service. However, it is in your best interest to have a business email account for official messages.

Using cPanal, you have access to more than a hundred applications with one-click software installation. These applications allow you to build your website to your specific needs. 

The Domaincot website ensures users a standard performance and 99% uptime. This means your site will not go offline except on rare occasions.

The biggest benefit of the Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel plan is cost. Plans can start as low as $2.99/month. It is the greatest value on the market.

Who Should Use Economy Linux Hosting?

This web hosting option is good for small businesses. It is also great for people wanting to display a portfolio or create an online presence. 

For those with a new business, this is also an excellent choice. It can handle low-traffic blogs and landing pages too.

Things to Consider

While the Economy Linux Hosting platform provides a reliable speed, critics say the plan is known to have a bad uptime ratio. There are no guarantees on how the uptime ratio will be.

Therefore, if you expect to grow quickly or use many resources, this plan may not be suitable for you to use.

Hidden Fees

It is important to keep in mind the hosting provider will ask you to upgrade your plan if your website gets too much traffic. This can further drive up the costs of your website hosting plan.

Remember, this plan is only for a single domain. If you want multiple websites, then this plan is not for you. 

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel doesn’t include an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. 

This means data passing through your website remains secure. If you plan on customers making purchases on your website, you definitely need an SSL certificate.

Names and addresses are also protected in the SSL certificate. In the digital world, online safety is increasingly important. Therefore, getting an SSL certificate for your website is essential. But it will be another fee.

In this web hosting plan, backup is not included. Backing up your website protects you from losing your data if something happens to it. You can add a backup to your plan for yet another additional fee. 

While the payment can start as low as $2.99/month, you could be paying much more by the time you add on the extra services you need. All fees will also increase after one year once the promotions end, as previously mentioned.

If you need a basic website for your business, Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel is still a good choice. However, you should think about your long-term goals and plans to see if it is right for your business.

It’s Time to Create Your Website

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel is a great, low-cost option for new business owners to use. You’ve learned there are several benefits when choosing this plan.

However, the reviews are mixed. It is not always the best option to go for. Costs can quickly add up, especially after the first year.

For a fast-growing business, the cons can out-way the pros. Therefore, it is a good idea to research different plans before choosing one.

If you’re ready to get your website up and running, be sure to let us know. At Domaincot, we can ensure you work with professionals to set up the website you need for your business.