Web Hosting made easy and affordable for your business

Our services are extremely affordable and easy to use even without expert intervention. With the variety of services we offer you are guaranteed to find the mix that suits your specific needs.


Keep your website up-to-date with our built-in automatic background updates that streamline the whole update installation process.

Daily Backups

Restore and backup your entire website and database with just one click. Choose between daily, weekly and monthly backups as well as the exact backup start time.

Server Level Protection

Enjoy the highest level of data protection with the Domaincot server-level protection software without having to compromise the primary database.

Account Isolation

We offer personalized created Virtual servers that guarantee individual resources with the possibility of instant and easy scalability.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Link your domain name to your business email to give your website a legitimate feel.

Monitoring Solution

With the Domaincot monitoring solution, your data is regularly scanned and protected from all forms of malware. Your data is also routinely copied across multiple devices to ensure data safety.

Optimized Software

The Domaincot software is fully optimized across all our services to carry out operations faster than ever.

CloudFlare Integration

Easy to use scalable cloud infrastructure integrated with high alert security and routine backups.

Bug Fixing

With routine system checks, your domain is monitored for bugs and threats which are fixed or removed directly.