Definitely, nobody in his /her right senses would wish for their website or blog to lose traffic for any reason. Thus, you’ll have to make sure your website or blog is worth following by your target audience.

As we should all know, when building a web audience is concerned, it is undeniable to say “Content is king”. Moreover, with Google’s most recent algorithms, a significant increase and competition in online content postings, quality online content must definitely be the prime focus irrespective of niche.

What is quality and engaging content? It is content that’s been superbly written, void of errors and very appealing to your audience. Having an error-free online content principally entails having a good mastery and command of the English language, bearing in mind that what matters most is how your content’s message impacts your target audience and not yourself.

The main reason for this article is to help show you how to create engaging and premium quality content for your website or blog from now on. Below, are some ways on how to write engaging online content that’ll be appealing to your readers, with reasons to keep reading on and to always come back for more;.

Content Should Be Diversified

First and foremost, one easy way of creating engaging online content, is to always diversify. As such, avoid using a particular medium of communicating with your audience/subscribers. This entails that, if you’re a text-based blog writer, you’ll have consider introducing the use of graphics, images, infographics, videos, quotes, etc. You should basically look at it as improving your content by adding some “spices”. A good example is ‘HubSpot’ which is a blog that efficiently apply content diversification.


Generally, content readability is very important, with the use of subheadings, a principal rule of creating content that is engaging and easy to read. Contrary to print data, web typography always has to be well organized in a hierarchical format, so as to enhance readability. Moreover, most online readers often prefer content that is “scannable”; bullet points, lists, headings and subheadings, should be present in order to make sure that, your readers stay glued on your page.

Embrace Conciseness or Brevity

Oh! Okay! it isn’t any doubts that, Google often shows favor to both quantity and quality content. Take note that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your readers get bored with your extraneous details and run-on sentences. Always remember that you’re not writing for yourself or spiders on search engines, but for your readers/audience readers. It is wise to always Keep all headings or paragraphs short, sweet and concise.

Keywords Usage

It is worth noting that, keywords are not only used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. More so, they’re very helpful in content, as they make sure that your content readers remain on track in line with the main topic, and gives the zeal to continue reading on and on. Basically, a reader might choose to ‘engage’ with your content, based on your chosen title along with the application of keywords. This is simply because of the interest in reading more to grasp a better understanding on the topic, with the keywords making it much easier.

Chose A Voice

Have you ever realized that, each and every content writer has a unique and distinctive style or voice of writing? And those content creators who think or say they don’t have any, just haven’t figured it out yet. Content that often follows special delivery techniques and very unique in entirety, are in most cases the most engaging.

One other easy way to add “uniqueness” and quality to content, is to do proper content alignments relative to your personal thinking and speaking habits. Adding your personal opinions and perspectives to content which are different from those of others, will undoubtedly add some spark and make your content more engaging. Despite the reality that most readers often appreciate new ideas in content to old ones, it is fair enough to say that new thoughts also massively contribute to the heightened quality of your content.

Make Your Content Shareable

You should start thinking of adding social media icons and widgets to your content, in a bid to make sharing easy with just a button click. C’mon and make your content shareable. You’re seriously missing a tip out! If your content readers really like your content, there’s definitely a high tendency that, they’ll always wish to share it for others to enjoy the reading experience as well. Make things easy for them. Keep calm and create content which is quite easy to share. Moreover, always bear in mind that, by sharing, your readers do more good for you than even themselves.