How to write a killer cold email to your sales prospects

Do you doubt the fact that ‘Cold emails’ can open any portal, with high sales prospects? Think again!

First and foremost, cold emails are spontaneous e-mails which are sent to targeted recipient without any initial prior requests or contact. Better still, they’re emails which are an equivalent of cold calling. Take note that ‘Cold emails’ are completely dissimilar to ‘Spam mails’. If some actual methodologies aren’t followed, the intended cold email could even become Spam mail. That said, writing a killer cold email to your sales prospects you’ve definitely never had the chance to meet before, might just work only once in a long while. Not so sure about where or how to start writing your cold email? Here’s a guide on how to expertly write a superb cold email, targeting your sales prospects;

Always Figure Out Your Prospect’s Exact Needs

You’ll have to bear in mind that your cold email writing has to kick off with intensive research on the targeted sales prospects you intend to reach out to, and figure out their exact needs. Closely take a look at their profiles on social media, with emphases on the LinkedIn platform, in order to grasp a real picture of their individual personalities, what they do, and their common interests. Moreover, you can also check to confirm if they’re on LinkedIn groups and most importantly, if they’ve built rapports there.

Here’s a wise move; You should never go in for the clear-cut facts that everyone’s irresistibly going for. Rather, you should stand out from everyone by staying clear of citing similar repeated case studies and statistics related to social media, if you’re attempting to hit sales with any company. Instead, alternatively you should strive to have a better knowledge of your prospect’s desperation points from inside out, also learning about their respective industries.

Be enthusiastic with Them on Social Media platforms

Try to get noticed by your sales prospects before hitting their inbox with any cold emails. Go after them on LinkedIn Pulse, and try to engage in some personal discussions. Also offer insights on a previously posted article by them, carefully ask them questions or give answers to theirs to theirs with careful thought.

Once a warm connection has been established, send a short private message to them, asking if it’s cool to send over a fast email which’ll only take a few minutes of their precious time. Also make sure to let them know that, they can respond to your quick private message at their convenience, meaning that you’ll have to curb all forms of messaging pressure by asking for an instant read or response. At this point, upon seeing your cold email in their inbox, they’ll feel like reading it because to them, you’re not a total stranger.

Choose an Unexpected Subject Line

The Subject line is basically like shaking hands with your sales prospect for the first time, with hopes of leaving a lasting impression. Make sure to craft a surprising and compelling subject line, superbly tailored with respect to your prospect’s exact needs. More so, their pain points should be your main focus, without being spammy. For instance, “How to get customers multiply their campaign length”, will definitely compel prospects to click on the link.

Always Customize Your Cold Email

It’s quite appealing to send a pile of cold emails to prospects in your target industry. You may witness occasional successes, but it isn’t ideal to send cold emails without individually customizing them. Rather, boost your results by customizing each and every cold email sent. Carefully shape each email to the prospects you’re targeting, starting from their names, right down to details on how your services can be of help to their business. Take note that, the more you carryout research and totally understand your prospect’s exact needs, the more customized and awesome your ‘cold email’ will be. Moreover, your prospects will clearly view your cold email as more credible.

Go Straight to The Point

It is no doubt that ‘Time is money’, and your prospects are very busy pros. You’ll have to show respect for their precious time by making your cold emails sweet, short and straight to the point. Better still, your sale prospects detest spending so much time going through proposals and correspondence, or in the worst-case scenario, trying to figure out what message is on an email. Go straight to the point by asking if you can send more info.

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