How To Build Your Digital Real Estate Buying & Selling Domain Names

It is normal that, the phrase “Digital Real Estate” might sound weird and strange to you. Essentially, real estate is often generally associated with “property, comprising of land, buildings, alongside natural resources including crops, water or minerals etc. But recently, real estate investment is a massively evolving trend globally, which is absolutely worth taking special note of. Most noticeably, real estate investment entails the buying and selling of domain names, otherwise known as ‘flipping’ websites, which is a practice that sees to the buying of domain names, redevelop them, and then eventually sell to interested persons at higher prices for a profit. With this form of investment, there are no procced guarantees, though. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, you could even loose a whole lot of dollars in the process. This can basically be likened to investing in real estate in general. Thus, it’s so important to have a real clue about how the market is before getting into it, and how to build your real estate investment by buying and selling domain names. This’ll tremendously help you to prevent any business pitfalls and help you make productive investment decisions.

With real estate investments, there’re several approaches which you can take, it could be buying and selling domain names or even building them from scratch. Building your real estate investments or ‘digital real estate’ could be quite confusing and tricky. Here’re some key points to take note of as you embark on this route;

Always Remember That Domain Names Aren’t the Same as Websites

If you’re on route to building your real estate by buying and selling domain names, then this piece of advice will come in handy for you. There’ve been a few cases of people who bought domain names in the past, which were very similar to those of reputable and valuable business entities, and later cashed in big time when these domain names were bought by them. But Take special note that cases like these are rare. Besides, it isn’t the smartest of investment strategies, irrespective of the fact that a few domain names have some real value on them. Since domain names are different from websites, it’s cool to buy and sell domain names, but cooler, if you decide to buy valuable domain names or commercial websites. They often have steady and high traffic making provisions for scalable and sustainable revenues, through the sale of Ad space. Thus, it’s thoughtful to bear in mind that, you’re investing by buying a practical business that has real value, and not just buying a digital space.

Use Hands-Off or Accommodating Operations

You shouldn’t get mixed up with the ideology of making money with little work done. However, in the world of digital real estate, there’re awesome ways of making money in short time frames, without spending over 60 hours per week. In effect, you’ll have to become familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, as it gives a clear idea of what to expect while going forward. It is basically the process of content optimization, with the aim of ranking high on search engines. Thus, more exposure and reach through backlinks that go back to your website. Moreover, when buying websites, it’s much wiser to find those that have a rich profile of backlinks, so that when content is optimized, you’ll be in an advanced level of link-building processes.

Better still, it is very thoughtful to take a look at the website’s processes you intend to buy, in order to get idea as to what it’s all about. The most ideal situation, is to buy domains/websites which relatively run on their own, so that all to be done will be to boost their value by investing a little on marketing before reselling.

Buy and Sell Already Established and Profitable Domain Names

If you decide to make provisions for some cash to spend on domains/websites that are making money already, it’s an awesome decision because, you’ll be saving time that would’ve been used in building them from scratch. Generally, building domains/websites to the level whereby they earn reasonable money, takes months and even year. So, buying already existing ones, improving them and reselling, significantly curbs time wasting and heightens profits. time. Therefore, you should buy your domains, hold on to them while cashing in on monthly profits, grow them to make more, and finally sell when their values are at very high levels.

There’s so much to learn concerning how to build your digital real estate by buying and selling domain names, So, the ideal thing to do from the very beginning, is to start small, do some Investments in Low-Risk chances and set some time to have a better understanding about the way things work. In the long run, you’ll realize profits, amplify your reach, attract more reasonable deals and profitable investments.

By Otis Aliemeke, he writes about technology and Online Business Optimization. You can find him hanging out on and